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We warmly welcome you and your family.

Sustainable into the future

We love nature and need it, so we want to preserve and protect it!

  • Heating with wood from our own forest
  • Pure mountain spring water from every tap
  • Photovoltaic system
  • Solar-powered electric petrol station
  • In-house and regional food

100% regional = 100% enjoyment

We only use regional & Austrian products for our freshly prepared dishes. REGIONAL “IS” GENIAL In addition to the production of beef, bacon & schnapps, we also grow many salads, herbs and vegetables in our small garden. Everyone benefits from this all year round!


Important components of our energy independence are our own water sources, wood for heating from our own forest and a photovoltaic system! A large proportion of the food used in our hotel comes from our own production and from regional farmers. This means that we not only guarantee the highest quality, but also sustainability, animal welfare and short transport routes.


We, the Presslauer family, warmly welcome you.

Being hosts brings us a lot of joy and means a lot to us! Our small, cosy hotel is our life’s work. And just as we grow as a family, also our hotel grows a bit each year, becomes more comfortable, varied, lovelier and warmer.

We care about every tiniest detail in order to make your stay as memorable as possible. We want you to feel at your best, have a lot of fun and enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Let’s have fun together and enjoy life to the fullest.

We are looking forward to hosting you soon in our beloved Carinthia region!

See you soon at Berghotel Presslauer,
Your hosts Maria and Gerd and Michael with Eva- Maria.

Hoteliers Maria mit Gerd Presslauer

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